Annual Inspection and Display Programmes...

The Display programmes provide many insights into the 'life and times' of the 70th over nearly 70 years.

the 1940s     including the 21st Anniversay Bible Class in 1929.

the 1950s     'themed' displays started in 1951.

the 1960s     the first photos appeared in 1968.

the 1970s     70 years of the 70th in 1978

the 1980s     'Captains tales' in 1988

the 1990s    

the 2000s     up to 2008.

The Company 10th anniversaries (the '8' years) were treated as occasions when an extra effort was made to inform parents and friends and the 1988 programme is of particular interest given the contributions from five of the six Captains the Company has had...