We Thank Thee, O Our Father

We thank Thee, O our Father,  Before the memories fade
For all Thy love around us,  And for The Boys’ Brigade
O help us to be mindful,  As daylight fades away
Of blessings showered on us,  Throughout the passing day.

For joy of life and freedom,  And strength of limb and mirth
For duties done with gladness,  On this Thy glorious earth
We praise Thee O our Maker,  And pray our hearts may be
As voices are uplifted,  In harmony with Thee.

For friendships growing stronger,  Beneath Thy radiant sky
The fragrance and the sunshine,  That tell that Thou art nigh
For human love we thank Thee,  But this we surely know
That it is but reflected,  From Thee to us below.

Lord, in our camp Thou walkest,  We feel that Thou art near
Thy strength has made us stronger,  ‘Tis afterwards we fear!
When back amidst temptations,  Which daily duty brings
‘Tis then we pray for courage,  To rise to higher things.

Then give us strength, O Father,  Wherever we may be
To crush what’s base within us,  And play the man for Thee
To serve with hearts undaunted,  Steadfast and unafraid
Loyal to Thee and duty,  And to The Boys’ Brigade.

( Lyricist: anon. Composer: A. H. Mann.  'Evening Hymn in Camp' )