Underneath The Banner

Underneath the banner, Of the Cross arrayed
Lord! We ask Thy blessing, On The Boys’ Brigade
Thou art our Commander, And Thy soldiers, we
And in Christian warfare, We would honour Thee.


Underneath the banner
Of the Cross arrayed
Lord! We ask Thy blessing
On The Boys’ Brigade.

In each lowly service, As on drill parade
“Duty” be the watchword, Of The Boys’ Brigade
Make us ever loyal, Small or great the foe
Lead us Saviour! lead us, Everywhere we go.

We will fight for laurels, That will never fade
For the Holy City, March The Boy’s Brigade
What we find unholy, In our daily life
We will try and conquer - Help us in the strife.

( Lyricist: anon. Composer: M. B. Foster
'Music composed and dedicated to the Brigade in all good comradeship' )