Membership Cards...

Membership Cards were issued annually to each boy in the company, a practice which apeared to cease in 1977. They consisted of a cover picture (common to all Companies), and a 70th specific insert (handbook) which, up to 1966, often included a list of current Officers and the make up of squads.

  Card Covers 1936-49 - missing 1943-45

  Card Covers 1950-69 - missing 1967

  Card Covers 1970-77

  Staff/Squad Lists 1946-49

  Staff/Squad Lists 1950-59

  Staff/Squad Lists 1960-66

The Company specific information present in the handbooks decreased over time until by the mid 1960s they contained only personal identification details. But in the mid 1940s much effort went into their production, eg. the handbook for 1949-50