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Newsletter of Old Boys & Friends of 70
London BB Company
April 2015
In this Edition
In this EditionIn this Edition
In this Edition
The Reunion proved to be another enjoyable occasion with much sharing of early
experiences. The report on the day, included within, is longer than usual so as to provide
more by way of background for those unable attend and to serve as an update re. the
newsletter and the website.
Contributors to this edition are Peter Clark, describing his full and interesting life in the
army and (surprisingly :) the civil service; and Keith Holbrook relating a touching story
which he unearthed after seeing a name on the new War Memorial in Carshalton. Our
thanks to them both.
Since the reunion we have heard from Bill Pizey the sad news that his wife Beryl lost her
battle with cancer in January. Please remember Bill in your thoughts and prayers.
Reunion October 2014
Reunion October 2014Reunion October 2014
Reunion October 2014
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