Firstly, the messages of those who could not be
with us were relayed and we remembered those
who had passed away since we last met.
OBs sending their best wishes…
Alan (Spadger) Smith, Peter Essam, John & Sue
Ward, Dylan Davies, Bob & Alan Verrills, Martin
Dennis, Moreen Sore, Bill Pizey (thoughts and
prayers were requested for Bill who was in the
process of undergoing a number of medical
examinations), Martin Hughes, Martin Richardson
and Neil Pheasant.
2 Chris#
Newsletter of
Old Boys & Friends of 70
London BB Company
be remembered as a particularly enjoyable one.
Just over 40 OBs, wives, partners and friends from
far and wide were present, including a number of
ex. GLB/GB members.
The conversational ‘buzz’ of friends meeting and
catching up was a joy to hear and it was
particularly pleasing that ex. Officers Jack Mayhew,
Brian Flint, Peter Ellis and Jim Ballard were able to
be present.
The Church had been sifting through an area where
much 70th material had been stored. There were
many copies of photographs and small mementoes
to view and take away and the overflowing tables
provided a focal point with many “have you seen
this” exchanges…. What material remained at the
end of the day was secured in a dry storage area.
After an hour and a half, the initial ‘buzz’ had
subsided somewhat (but not much :) and we moved
to the small hall for a slightly more orderly
October 2012
iew of the Gathering
A Real Buzz… Dave Richardson
reports on the 2012 Reunion
Continued overleaf……………..
Those Present
at the Reunion
Ron Sale Harvey Dunford Jack Fishpool Terry Blumire
Pat Neil Malcolm Smith Kath Ellis [Ward] Alan Bilyard
Maureen Neil [Slight] Margaret Rowbotham Brian Flint Geb Rance
Dave Richardson Maureen Martin [Smith] Clive Flint Sheila Clark [Crane]
Keith Holbrook Michael Ellis Peter Ellis Gordon Macpherson
Bettie Holbrook Margaret Nightingale Brian Munro Pam O’Brien[Crane]
Les Wright Jim Ballard Gladys Ballard Peter Clark
Audrey Saunderson [Snow] Wendy Ballard Avis Rance [Clark] Daphne Knights
Stephen Ballard Jack Mayhew Jenny Machell [Daniels] Elsie Bartlett
Roy Norris Dennis Loader Alan Rance Maggie Welsh [Andrews]
A Real Buzz
OBs who have sadly passed away since 2010…
Harry Sporle and Barry Rowbotham [see page 6].
It was good to have Margaret, Ba
rry’s sister, with us
and condolences were expressed to her and through
her to Barry’s widow Jacquie.
A ‘business’ session then took place at which the
following points were covered…
Dave thanked the Committee M
embers for their
work with special thanks to Alan for continuing
to produce ‘Reflections’ to such a high
standard. The current committee (Dave, Alan,
Keith Holbrook and John Ward) has now been in
place for the past three years and Dave invited
anyone interested in joining us to get in touch.
He also suggested that we write to Chris Buss
thanking him for arranging the printing of
Reflections’ at no cost to us. This was agreed.
Dave said that the website ‘hosting’ cost was
currently around £50 pa and sought views on
whether this was something we wished to
support. Around a third of those present
indicated that they visited the web site and
after discussion it was agreed that we should
fund ‘hosting’ for the next two years and
review this arrangement at the next Reunion.
Initial views were sought on whether we should
consider holding the next Reunion in 2014 away
from the Longley Rd halls. It is clear that
sensitivity continues to surround the manner in
which the Company ceased to exist in 2010 and
such a move might encourage more of the
‘younger’ Old Boys to attend. During discussion
it was pointed out that, once again, the Church
and Janet and Elsa have been very supportive.
Regarding finances, Dave reported that the
70th OBs account balance currently stands at
£164. After making deductions for this year’s
website ‘hosting’ (£46), donation to the Church
(£50) and a contribution to the cost of cakes
(£20), we will be left with a balance of £48.
Based on 'broad-brush' estimating and assuming
that we will continue to get ‘Reflections’
printed by Chris, we will, over the next two
years, be required to spend £100 for the
website ‘hosting’ and £100 for mailing
'Reflections’. To satisfy the expected shortfall
and to meet Reunion expenses, donations were
The more formal part of proceedings finished with
the rousing singing of some ‘old faithful’ Hymns
associated with Bible Class and Camp and the
assembly then returned to the middle hall for tea,
cakes and more ‘buzz’…
*The collection on the day and other
contributions amounted to £244 making o
account balance £292.
Many Thanks!
Should you have any
queries/comments/suggestions on Dave’s
report …please get in touch.